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Champion White Labrador Retrievers

Vorkampfer comes from the german word "Champion", and being descendants from Austria and living in a german community in Texas, the german word seemed to fit.

We enjoy running our dogs in hunt tests, hunting with our labs, and making new friends through our contacts with other "dog" people.


We breed only 3-5 litters per year, with many puppies being placed as companion and family pets, as well as many going on to hunt, which is something our labs love to do!


We like spending time with our dogs and puppies and love to socialize with them, which tends to make our kennel grow larger! They are our companions and friends first and foremost.




When we visited our first kennel, we fell in love with white labs. We purchased our first white lab in July of 1991, Miss Divinity (Candy). In 1993, we met Jim Miller of LaFayette, LA and Chein Blanc (Blanc). Blanc was trained to do everything from blood tracking, water rescue, security, and of course retrieving. For Candy and Blanc, it was love at first sight. For us, it was a perfect match (and the rest is history).